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Well, I guess I do. 

To be honest, this has been in the works for entirely too long. For years I’ve been doing shadow work, moving through self doubts, dragging my feet, and have been gently (and not so gently) poked and prodded by not only the universe, but some friends who have strong opinions (and voices…ahem Leo’s). Friends, loved ones, teachers, mentors, students, and peers have encouraged me to step into my power and share my gifts for years and I have FOUGHT it. Like, really really fought it. And many of you know, I can be as stubborn as they come. They’ve used words like “catalyst” “force” “elder and crone” “transmitter” “fearless leader” and others that are escaping me currently (but you get the gist). Every time, I’ve shied away and said “Oh hell NO. I’m good, thanks.”.

Recently, being able to take the time to step back, observe, and really align has shown me that y’all were right and I’m not going to fight it anymore. (Feel free to call me and tell me “I told you so”… you know who you are. Thank you, I love you).  Synchronicity, repeating numbers, and a strong gut intuition has told me that I’m on the right track, so I decided to finally go big or go home. Mind you, it’s been a long journey, but as my mother would tell you, I was always a late bloomer.

Here’s the thing. I AM really fucking good at what I do. I’m a great herbalist, I make badass products that work AND taste good, with high quality ingredients and witchcraft mingled in. I create protocols that help people feel better. I help people identify what truly matters to them and help them get after it and make life magic happen. I help them craft the life they want and hit their goals. I’m a strong and intuitive energy and magic worker that can blend custom products that people need purely on instinct and mojo. My dogs and plants are fans of my Reiki work, and as soon as this “no touching each other unless you regularly touch each other” pandemic is over, I can Reiki you too!  (Same for teaching in person classes and retreats!) AND I’m I’m fucking hilarious, to boot. Want more proof? I have the certificates and receipts to prove it. Type A overachiever over here.

And for any of you who have ever had self-confidence or self-esteem issues, you know what a big fucking deal that above paragraph was to write.

So here I am. In all of my weird ass glory, embracing all of the things that I’m so terribly good at but was afraid to actually admit until now. I present to you “Wellness Witchcrafting”.  Let me be “a force” for you. A catalyst for change…whether it’s to take control of your physical health with herbs, your goals and dreams with life crafting/dance mentorship sessions, energetic work through flower essences and ritual bathing (Reiki…eventually!), or if you just need some fucking delicious tea or to slather yourself in magically handcrafted botanical beauty and care products…I’m your witch. Hell, I’ll even put on eyebrows for it 😉

(Which I did for this picture, by the way…never mind the pandemic 80’s mint-crazy-root hair situation that’s happening)

AND if after all of that, if you don’t need what I’ve got, maybe you have a friend that does!  So please share with someone this might resonate with even if it doesn’t resonate with you. That’s the nice thing to do and I would appreciate it mightily.

Alrighty then, y’all. Here’s to new beginnings and no longer making myself small. Huzzah!

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