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Praise, Kind Words, & Accolades

Molly blows my mind at how she is able to take your big dreams and goals and effortlessly help you break them down into action steps. Molly made sure to prioritize what mattered most to me and help me find creative ways to tweak my schedule. My creative mind loves to live in daydream land. Working with Molly was the perfect balance to help bring me back down to earth just enough to get those dreams to paper and out into the world. As a fellow multi-passionate, Molly knows the importance of creating a plan for your goals and maximizing your schedule. I highly recommend working with her!

Brooke Golden

Molly meticulously listened and assessed the chronic conditions of inflammation I was experiencing.  After analysis, she helped me with diet protocols, tinctures and teas to support my overall wellbeing.  I believe, these protocols helped reduce my inflammation, synced my menstrual cycle, and supported my thyroid.  Molly also provided resources and guidance that empowered me to further help myself!  I feel that Molly has helped me more than most conventional doctors, thanks Molly!

Christine K.

Molly’s mentorship program is incredibly helpful for clarifying goals, motivating personal practice, and supporting professional growth. Since starting the program, I’ve gone from scattered irregular practice — mostly only consistent when I had upcoming shows — to practicing an average of 5 times a week for the last couple months (with no shows on the horizon). Molly’s also helped me set goals and start working steadily towards them. She even improved my emotional relationship with practice, dance, and health. 


Molly has a fun, dynamic, and balanced teaching style. Her warm ups leave you feeling energized, loose, and ready to move. She teaches each movement with humor and detail. Her classes challenge you both physically and mentally, yet leave you feeling motivated to practice and happy with your class experience. 


Molly’s consultation service was awesome! I was struggling with a few issues that were chronic and didn’t seem to have positive responses to anything I was doing. Her process took my history and all sorts of details about my body into consideration. At the end of it, she formulated two custom tinctures for me. Both of them have been absolutely fabulous for what I was dealing with. She was also super helpful in explaining things to me in a way I could understand. With her herbal knowledge, I feel more able to take charge of some of my health issues and work towards my own improvement!

Liz S.

I simply love everything about Molly & Vermillion Herbals! You should try an Herbal Consultation as well as a Plant Spirit Healing session. The herbal consult was helpful to go over my health history & find a lovely, alternative plan for my wellness that includes a daily, nourishing tea, a tincture, and an essential oil to help me find balance. The Plant Spirit Healing is pure heaven–it’s a relaxing session but also an intuitive experience to connect with the spiritual aspects of ourselves. I hope you’ll reach out to Molly for both of these sessions! It’s time to Love yourself more! 🙂

Hillary Olsen Hilliard

Molly is an excellent teacher: organized, innovative, clear in her instruction and precise in her execution of technique. She’s full of great energy and is a dynamic and beautiful performer. I consider myself lucky to be able to call her a friend and colleague!

Ashley Lopez

I have studied all over the US with the best Fusion dancers and teachers that we have to offer right now. I can wholeheartedly recommend Molly McClellan as one of the best teachers touring right now. Her charming, thoughtful and challenging teaching style is accessible to dancers of all levels and her creative and engaging curriculum has something to offer belly dancers of all styles. I get so excited when Molly comes to my city or is teaching at an event I’m attending because I know I will have a great time in her class and leave feeling refreshed and inspired (and also perhaps a bit sore).

Amy Josephine Field

It has been my pleasure to call Molly McClellan one of my teachers. She has been influencing me for close to five years and has not only improved my technique but also my performance and troupe management. She is generous with her teaching and truly dedicates herself to her students. I have yet to meet an instructor who consistently gives you more than you pay for. The workshops she has provided have consistently been above and beyond my expectations. I have danced and performed for over 12 years and I count Molly’s workshops as some of the best instruction I’ve received. She is a born teacher.

Amy Tucker

Molly is an amazing performer, teacher and mentor. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking classes from Molly for the last 11 years. She is committed to the art of belly dance and has mastered a unique balance of challenging and encouraging her students in and out of class.  Recently, I embarked on a new dance journey in Molly’s mentorship program and I love dance again. This affordable program was customized to meet my specific goals and needs. I am more inspired and encouraged after every session! With Molly’s help, I have a newfound patience & confidence in my dance abilities.  I highly recommend this special program!”

Amber M.

It’s been three months since I had my consultation with Molly & started my new self-care regimen, which includes custom tincture blends, tea, flower essences, nutritional changes, & strategies for managing stress & anxiety. My quality of life has improved dramatically. I was having frequent panic attacks prior to starting this new path & have have only had two in the last three months. I feel calmer, healthier, & have more energy. It’s been pretty remarkable & I am so glad I chose to invest in my physical & mental health. I can’t recommend Molly & Vermillion Herbals enough!