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August 13, 2019

It’s that time of the week again, the best part of the week…Tea Tuesday!

So. I have this bad habit. This habit of busy-ness. You know the one that is deeply ingrained in a lot of us in this society of “do more, go faster, work harder” or your worth is nothing? Idle hands and all. And as such, I’ve felt the time that I normally dedicate to personal practices of space (mental, emotional, physical) as well as nourishing myself as I should slipping away in favor of tackling the “to-do” lists of any given day, answering emails, and ALL THE THINGS. I know why I’m doing this…it is the stress of still being unemployed and trying to hustle in the meantime while I try to find a job that aligns vs. sucking my soul away. And here we are. It’s SO easy to slip back into the “You are your job” bullshit of the US mindset. (Full stop: you are not AND other countries find it incredibly rude that its the first thing that Americans ask when meeting someone…just in case you weren’t aware.) It stops today. Again.  As you may have guessed, I’ve been eating like a teenager who doesn’t know what a healthy meal is comprised of, so to start counter balancing the bad habits, I’m drinking a nutritive tea today. I’ve dubbed it, “I need nutrients, and stress support, and I want it to taste good, damnit” tea. You know, a succinct name. Snort. I’ll be drinking many cups of this today, and perhaps will prepare an overnight infusion tonight as well.

Looking for a nutritive tea to avail yourself out of toddler-esque habits as well, I see a delicious one in my store.

What are you drinking today, loves?

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