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Tag: tea

Tea Tuesday – Lemon Balm & Rose

September 3, 2019 I’m gearing up for a big week and my brain is spinning with all of the things that I need to catch up on, do, and prep to make it go as smoothly as possible. Lately, it has been difficult to find the balance in my life between head and heart. I’ve…

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Tea Tuesday! Cardamom, Orange, & Rose

August 7, 2019 Oh hello, Tea Tuesday! The “I know it’s later in the day, but I promise I didn’t forget about you” edition. Today has been a whirlwind of everything that is happy and good in my life. Hikes with friends in the foothills after a delicious breakfast. Serendipitous meetings with like-minded loves, and…

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Herbal Medicine as Guardianship

March 20, 2018 Winter is ruled by the North which highlights and is aligned with the concepts of guardianship, setting boundaries, and protection. To me, in this time of the year when sickness is rampant, even *more* so this year with how persistent and pervasive the flu has been, it is important to set strong…

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