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Bathe with Intention! Ritual Bathing has been practiced over the centuries and have held different meanings from culture to culture. Simply put, Ritual Bathing is making bathing a mindful, sacred act that is filled with intention and energy.

Made with reverence, intention, and according to moon phases, I will create a completely customized bath for you (or a friend). These Ritual Baths are great to use when a shift is needed, to commemorate a change or if you just want to pamper and spoil yourself.

Each Kit will include:
*Loose Incense & Charcoal
*Hand Rolled Herbal Candle
*Flower Essence
*Herbal Tea
*Salt Scrub or Soak
*Anointing Oil
*Full Bathing Ritual and Instructions

$100 for the entire kit – 20 minute consultation – includes domestic shipping

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