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Molly McClellan Mentorship

AKA Life Crafting

I love schedules. And plans. And lists. And getting shit done.

There is nothing more exciting to me than helping others craft and achieve their goals and watch them nail it and become successful. I’m a Life Crafting Creatrix and my specialty is working with people who need help identifying their goals and creating concrete steps and schedules so they can go and get what they want without feeling overwhelmed or stressed about it. Progress in millimeters, y’all.

I’m a Certified Dragontree Life Coach and I blend this training with the planning and goal setting methods I’ve been successfully using for years in my personal life and practice to get shit done. Those combined with a little help from the Tarot and boom: Life Crafting ala McClellan.

Disclaimer: Honestly, the term “Life Coach” gives me (and many other people I’ve spoken with) the heebie-jeebies so I prefer to use the term “Life Crafting” instead.

Ready to take control of your Future?


Step Into Your Future

Benefits Of Working with A Life Crafter (me!)

I will….

  • Help you achieve clarity about your goals
  • Give you the keys to help you build your own success
  • Work with you to build sustainable habits
  • Help you with organizational skills
  • Teach you how to prioritize what is important
  • Work with you to build strategies and schedules tailored to your life and needs
  • Help you adjust your needs and goals if needed
  • Help you overcome obstacles and blocks
  • Not blow sunshine up your ass and give you a little tough love if you need it
  • Provide unbiased feedback and support
  • Incorporate a little “magic” into our sessions
  • Be your biggest damn cheerleader ever

Go Go Gadget Life Crafting!

Life Crafting

Dip your toes in. Grab a second set of eyes. Get a targeted perspective on how to start of see what you might be missing so you can charge forth confidently with your plans.

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Let’s Get this Party Started!

Life Crafting

Launch into your dreams and make them a reality! You will now know how and where to start to get closer to your goals…no fuss, no muss.

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In It To Win It!

Life Crafting

Regain time and piece of mind! No more guesswork! No more frustration! Just a clear path to get to your goals and dreams.

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A Goal Without a Plan…

Life Crafting

Do you have a goal but have no plan? Save yourself time and take the guesswork out of the steps you need to take to get there.

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Molly blows my mind at how she is able to take your big dreams and goals and effortlessly help you break them down into action steps. Molly made sure to prioritize what mattered most to me and help me find creative ways to tweak my schedule. My creative mind loves to live in daydream land. Working with Molly was the perfect balance to help bring me back down to earth just enough to get those dreams to paper and out into the world. As a fellow multi-passionate, Molly knows the importance of creating a plan for your goals and maximizing your schedule. I highly recommend working with her!

Brooke Golden

Molly’s mentorship program is incredibly helpful for clarifying goals, motivating personal practice, and supporting professional growth. Since starting the program, I’ve gone from scattered irregular practice — mostly only consistent when I had upcoming shows — to practicing an average of 5 times a week for the last couple months (with no shows on the horizon). Molly’s also helped me set goals and start working steadily towards them. She even improved my emotional relationship with practice, dance, and health. 


Molly is an amazing performer, teacher and mentor. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking classes from Molly for the last 11 years. She is committed to the art of belly dance and has mastered a unique balance of challenging and encouraging her students in and out of class.  Recently, I embarked on a new dance journey in Molly’s mentorship program and I love dance again. This affordable program was customized to meet my specific goals and needs. I am more inspired and encouraged after every session! With Molly’s help, I have a newfound patience & confidence in my dance abilities.  I highly recommend this special program!”

Amber M.

Molly is such a delightful and uplifting person to work with. Not only did Molly help me to sort out my scattered thoughts, organize them into attainable goals, and set a plan in motion to achieve said goals, but she also taught me how to grow as a person and to  be kinder to myself when I’m trying to achieve big things.  Since working on Life Crafting with Molly, I’ve launched my own personal website, implemented routines to improve my physical and mental health, and gotten much farther on a lofty business idea than I’ve ever gotten before.  Thank you for your support and positive energy!

Gabby P.

Molly is pragmatic in practice, but also driven to provide spiritual support (however that means to you).  I found myself in a place where I knew what I wanted to get done, but wasn’t sure how to. Molly not only showed me steps to accomplish my goals, but encouraged me to look at why I felt stuck in the first place. 

Sometimes you need someone to show you it’s okay to do something for you and your weirdness is okay.  Molly will teach you to see it yourself.


Working with Molly was fantastic! I really loved her approach, and she provided genuine, heartfelt support. She really helped me identify some self-sabotaging behavior and start to replace it with positive habits, with actionable steps. Her follow up was very encouraging and a great boost to keep me on track. I highly recommend Molly coaching services, especially if you are desiring someone with witch experience! 

Candice M.

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