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Molly McClellan Magic

I am an Elemental Witch, Plant Magic Mamma, and Moon Medicine Maven. 

As long as I can remember, I’ve felt energies swirling around me, found magic in everything, talked with plants, and always knew that there were other realms and possibilities stacked within this one. I often like to joke that I was a teenage witch who lost her way and came back to the path after my angst and temper-tantrums were over. 

Though I mostly work alone, I am an ordained priestess with the Sisterhood of the Lapis Moon, coming together with others in community when needed to work magic for healing and the protection of others. I am a Reiki Level Two certified practitioner in the Usui tradition.

My specialities are plant spirit healings, moon medicine making, and creating customized Flower Essences (remedies) to introduce energetic, emotional, and vibrational healing.

Custom Energetic Essences & Baths

Custom Flower Essence Blend

Energy Work

Get fast and easy energetic support tailored to your unique needs with the squeeze of a dropper.

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Custom Ritual Bathing Kit

Energy Work

Magic isn’t just for the Altar! Use the power of personal care to manifest your dreams!

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