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Consequences of Stress

Learn about the Consequences of Stress and how to use herbal therapies to combat it

Don’t continue to live with the side effects of stress such as overwhelm, panic, sleeplessness, digestion issues and more

Herbal remedies are simple ways to help incorporate the healing magic of herbs. Why rely on Big Pharma when you can rely on yourself?


ENROLL in the Consequences of Stress Course NOW!

Take Control of your OWN health (and your friends and family, too!)

  • Learn all about how stress is connected to every modern dis-ease we are experiencing as a society
  • Discover a variety of herbs that you can use for yourself and your loved ones and how they can help you feel better
  • Start using herbs to combat the stressors in your life and help your body manage your stress responses better.
  • Feel better without medications
  • Learn REAL self-care herbal tips that don’t gloss over the struggles of daily life and time constraints.

Take control of the overwhelm!

ENROLL to combat stress TODAY!

So how much does it cost?

Learning how to take control of your health on your own is priceless!!

Many people think that searching online and finding the information yourself is easier. What they don’t take into account is that the information might not be accurate, from reputable sources, safe…

…or worse!

Why waste your precious time sifting and scrolling through Google results trying to figure out if the sources are reputable and tested? Why stress yourself out even further?

This is your chance to learn from a Certified Herbalist (Me!) who uses these tried and true herbs and therapies in my private practice.

Let me take the guesswork out for you!

Invest your health for only $47 


Why you can  no longer avoid addressing your stress levels

  • Stress makes you more susceptible to life threatening diseases
  • Stress negatively affects your immune system
  • Your body cannot function without quality sleep to help body and brain function.
  • Stress can cause a detrimental cascade effect in your body and life

Let’s Do This!


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