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Molly McClellan    

Wellness Witchcrafting

 Hi! I’m Molly!

I’m a colorful and irreverent soul that was put on this Earth to heal people and help them reach their full potential. I’m a transmitter of knowledge and a catalyst for change. I’ll be your biggest damn cheerleader if you let me. I’m talking “Smells like Teen Spirit” type cheerleader with a dash of Wednesday Addams, that rarely has a filter, swears a lot, and promises to never blow sunshine up your ass…if you need a visual.

Do you need an herbal medicine protocol to help you live a more vibrant and healthy life or to help you deal with a health challenge you’ve been struggling with? I’ve got you.

Want to get your life and schedule in order, identify your goals, find time to do them, wildly succeed, AND have more time to do other things you enjoy, all with a dash of magic? I can create that magic for you.

Are you longing to invite more movement into your life and fine tune fitness and dance goals? **insert juicy shimmy here** (That’s belly dance code for “Fuck yes we can!”).

Looking for ways to incorporate magic and universal energy into your life to remove blocks and physical/emotional imbalances? Zap! Coming soon!

Need to get the fuck away from it all and immerse yourself in all 4 of the above? (The all 4 above being movement, medicine, magic, and mentorship) Join me for a retreat!

I am here to give you the tools you need to take control of your life, dreams, your time, and your unique personal healing. Connect with me so I can show you how!

Full disclosure, in case it isn’t clear above: If you’re looking for a  “rainbow and unicorn spiritual by-passing love and light y’all bullshit” type of magic and hand holding, I am not the healer you’re looking for (but I do know a guy) 😉 Seriously. I’ll connect you.

Photo by Kate Earley Ahokas